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While an engineering student at Tufts, I had my first experience with placing a sheet of exposed paper into the darkroom developer bath and seeing the crisp image emerge. If not before, I was surely hooked then.
Explore the growing selection of images here including both black and white and color prints from my travels across the United States as well as my former home town of Boston.

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Most of the images included here are either direct slide/film scans of 35mm Fuji Reala chromes or Kodak Tri-X b&w negatives or flatbed scans of my b&w hand-done prints on Ilford paper. Lately, I've been shooting mostly Fuji Press 400 & 800 35mm and NPZ 120 color negative film. While I've used many cameras over the years, I now shoot mostly with a Canon Elan IIe, ocassionaly an old A-1, a Mamiya 645 medium format SLR as well as some digital color images with a Toshiba PDR-M4.


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