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Christopher Bell:

Following the completion of an advanced civil engineering degree at Tufts University, Christopher developed large-scale modeling systems for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He left NASA to co-found a new enterprise and develop patented methods for constructing, distributing, and displaying 3-dimensional data. Christopher has managed several engineering teams including as the VP of Software Development at Dash.com, Inc. where he oversaw the growth of the team to 30 full-time staff and its delivery of several generations of its dashBar distributed software product serving over 1.3 million members of the service.
Christopher previously was the Chief Technical Officer for the People2People Group, one of the member companies of the Boston-based Phoenix Media/Communications Group. P2PG provides a wide array of print, web, telephony, and wireless data services to newspapers, radio stations, partner companies, and individuals across North America and Europe.
Christopher has provided insight and perspective on emerging mobile technologies, distributed computing systems, data center operations, and other topics for publications including USA Today, PC Week / EWeek, and zdnet.com.


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